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Irrevo Best Practices

Outsourcing knowledge engineering resources

Many content migration projects require a spike in knowledge engineering resources to support large content initiatives. Take advantage of the opportunity to align temporary knowledge engineering resources to the project, ensuring that the content migration completes in a timely way with very high quality.

Knowledge Engineer Role Description 

Working with third-party vendors offers the chance to establish very specific timelines and skill requirements that are challenging to locate within your organization. The following role description can be used when hiring a third-party vendor that offers knowledge engineering resources.

Knowledge engineers help you drive greater value from your knowledge by making it available to the right people at the right time, authored for maximum consumability.


  • Create and optimize knowledge articles

  • Apply the correct formatting, taxonomy, and content organization according to established content quality guidelines

  • Collaborate with SMEs to ensure technical accuracy, readability, and knowledge base completeness is achieved

  • Implement SEO best practices for the knowledge base articles

Required Experience

  • Proven experience of knowledge management processes

  • Strong technical writing and copy editing skills; preparing, rewriting, and editing copy to improve readability

  • Demonstrated strong organizational skills with attention to detail; strong analytical skills; and strong time management skills

  • Experience leading cross-functional work teams; delegating responsibilities; providing direction and motivation to others

  • Demonstrated experience with identifying, tracking, and managing project issues or challenges and ensure they are reported and resolved in a timely manner

  • Proven ability to be detail, deadline, and results-oriented

  • Proven successful experience as independent contributor with ability to drive change

  • Ability to manage multiple priorities and workflows


  • Bachelor’s degree and/or equivalent work experience

  • 5-7 years of experience in knowledge management and/or process analytics field

  • Experience working in a customer service, call center, or IT help desk environment

  • Demonstrated proficiency with Microsoft programs including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

  • Access to and proficiency with personal computer (PC)

  • Access to a functioning telephone and headset

Tip: Outsourced knowledge engineering resources need VPN access as well as account access to your knowledge solution and collaboration tools like email and calendars. In some cases, this is done through the provision of a temporary laptop with VPN. Be sure to allow enough time in the schedule to get through the VPN and account provisioning process. Each organization is different, but this can sometimes take several weeks to complete.

Additional Project Resource Considerations

In addition to the technology solution and knowledge engineering resources, here are some very essential tools that will ensure your project correlates with your executive business strategy, stays in scope, remains in budget, and completes on time.

  • A task management system that assigns individual tasks to resources, sets priorities and deadlines, and tracks work completed.

  • A status report detailing project milestones and percentage to completion, compiled by the work team and dispersed regularly to the executive sponsors of the project.

  • Separate testing plans for both System Integration and User Acceptance Testing, including scripts that identify what and how testing should be performed and expected results.

  • Irrevo’s KnowledgeAQ is a tool that enables quality reviews to be conducted on new and updated content inventory, ensuring each article complies to your defined quality standard. It is also used in the knowledge authoring process to present custom checklists, workflow, and feedback. The KnowledgeAQ tool helps knowledge engineers apply consistent standards to all content with the authoring workstream. As content progresses through the authoring or re-authoring process, data is captured. This enables management to utilize analytics and reporting to make effective decisions about the entire inventory.