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Irrevo Best Practices

Group Exercise: Assessing a customer experience

The customer experience is defined as the steps taken by a customer when they engage with your organization or interact with your product or service. Mapping this experience is a valuable exercise that helps your team break down that interaction into its smallest parts to identify areas in need of change.


We suggest working through this exercise with a team of highly empowered stakeholders who can use these findings to drive change within your organization. That said, there is value in assessing the customer experience for any team, manager, or individual contributor who has any impact on a portion of the customer experience. Throughout this process, you’ll notice a recurring theme: “How can I improve this experience?”


What you’ll need for this exercise:

  • A whiteboard

  • 10 copies (or fewer, for smaller teams) of the Customer experience Worksheet

This exercise should take about an hour:

  • 5 minutes: Brief overview of customer experience mapping

  • 5 minutes: Group discussion to identify the customer interaction to be mapped

  • 10 minutes: Group discussion, identifying the key steps in the customer experience

  • 10 minutes: Each individual (or small group) assesses one step in the process

  • 15 minutes: Individuals share their assessment with the group

  • 15 minutes: Group discussion on what changes are actionable and can be implemented right now


By the end of this experience, individuals will have identified a specific action or change that can positively impact the customer experience.

Ground rules:

Stay focused: Limit the conversation to interactions that you or your workgroup can impact. Mapping discussions are easily derailed when the focus shifts to processes, knowledge, or staffing concerns that are outside of your area of influence.

Group Discussion: Which experience to map?

The ideal customer experience for an experience map is:

  • A potential pain point for customers
  • An area in which your team has influence
  • An experience your team is familiar with

Group Discussion: What are the key steps in the customer experience?

As a group, discuss the customer experience. Using a whiteboard, list each individual step, in order, in the customer experience.

You may find it helpful to share this example of a customer’s experience when they are ordering a pizza delivery:

  1. Deciding what pizza house to use.
  2. Choosing which toppings they’d like.
  3. Calling the restaurant.  
  4. Placing the order.
  5. Waiting for delivery.
  6. Receiving the pizza.
  7. Enjoying the pizza.

Breakout Groups: Experience step assessment

Assign each experience step to an individual or small group, and provide them with a copy of the Customer Experience Worksheet.

Group Discussion: Assessment review

Each individual, or a spokesperson from each group, will share their findings with the greater team. List answers from the final question on the whiteboard.

Group Discussion: What’s next?

Prioritize the list of changes, considering how easy they would be to implement, and how impactful each would be to the customer experience.

Select 1-3 changes to implement as soon as possible.