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Irrevo Best Practices

Planning & Innovation

  • Content migration team roles
    An example of a project team structure for an enterprise-wide project.
  • Creating functional design documents
    Depending on the scope of your project, there could be separate documents for each screen or window in a knowledge management application, or it could be as simple as one document that covers the entire knowledge management process.
  • Group Exercise: Assessing a customer experience
    The customer experience is defined as the steps taken by a customer when they engage with your organization or interact with your product or service. Mapping this experience is a valuable exercise that helps your team break down that interaction into its smallest parts to identify areas in need of change.
  • Scoping the project roadmap
    A project scope document is the deliverable used to communicate the strategic vision to all stakeholders and defines what success will look like after the project has been implemented. The goal for the scope document is to justify the value of implementing the project to the executive team or Board of Directors. It also grants the authority to the project team to carry out the tasks and milestones defined in the roadmap or timeline.