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Irrevo Best Practices

Increasing self service adoption

Too few of your customers using your self-service portal may occur when customers are unaware of the self-service portal or they have difficulty locating the information they need within the self-service portal. 

Some statistics to keep in mind:

  • 73% of customers turn to online searches before they'll call, chat, or email1
  • Only 48% of customers will search online for longer than 10 minutes prior to contacting support1

  • 80% of all searches begin on Google2

To address the need to drive more customers to your self-service portal, you can:

Make your self-service portal public facing

If your self-service portal is not accessible by public search engines like Google and Bing, you make it harder for customers to quickly find their way to your online content. Since 80% of all online searches start on Google, if your self-service portal is only accessible by registered users, you lose out on those searches. To remedy this issue, make your content public-facing.

Have your customer support reps promote the self-service portal

If your customers often call or email customer service rather than use the self-service portal, promote the self-service portal by asking your customer support reps to reference it when calls and emails come in. Also, ask your representatives to log complaints about the self-service portal so that you can develop an actionable list of issues to address.

If your customer service reps express a lack of confidence in the self-service portal, schedule time to meet with them to discuss their concerns, and if necessary, create an actionable list of ways to address the issues they bring to your attention. Remember that internal employees are your first level of promoters for your online content. If you don't convince them of the value of the self-service portal, it will be harder to convince customers of its value.

Revise the layout of your self-service portal

If one of the common complaints about your self-service portal is that finding relevant information can be difficult, it is time to analyze the setup of your self-service portal. Questions to ask about your portal:

  • Is it easy to initiate a search within the portal?
  • Is it easy to navigate through the portal?
  • Are content titles clear and concise?
  • Is content structured consistently and in an easy to read format?
  • Does the media provided on the portal add value?

As you analyze the layout of your self-service portal and the content it contains, create a list of actionable items for your team to address. Once you have a list of issues to address, rank the issues from easiest to most difficult to resolve  and then develop a plan for how you will resolve each issue. Start with the easiest items to address and work your way down the list.