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Irrevo Best Practices

Organizing and consolidating knowledge

Having a knowledge base with articles scattered across multiple locations is often the result of a poorly managed process for entering and updating content in the system. Typically, this also occurs when there isn't a long-term strategy for maintaining knowledge across an organization. Not having clear guidelines and accountability in knowledge management makes it difficult to maintain a centralized knowledge system. With content that is spread across multiple categories and topics, and in different databases and locations, it's harder to search for and find relevant information. It's also challenging to make updates to the content when it's spread across multiple areas. This can lead to a poor user experience, with information that is hard to find and inconsistent. Organizing and consolidating knowledge that is scattered across multiple locations into one location is the key to creating a cohesive knowledge base.

To organize knowledge across multiple locations, you can:

  • Create a list of specific categories, topics and content types and decide how your different pieces of content will fit into that structure
  • Eliminate repeated or redundant content by combining articles or removing outdated content that no longer fits within the new category and topic list
  • Organize the remaining content in a way that makes sense to your customers by looking at how they currently search and access knowledge, and implement tagging for enhanced search functionality
  • Utilize a knowledge management software solution to easily move knowledge from several different locations into a single program

Having a clearly organized method for categorizing content that your users will understand and storing everything in a centralized location makes it easier to keep content organized. Following these best practices for consolidating knowledge and creating a cohesive strategy for migrating and updating content will result in a positive, more informative experience for all users.