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Irrevo Best Practices

Identifying stakeholder and resource requirements

Resource requirements are often understated or overlooked during the initiation phase of a project, but it's important to identify the requirements to ensure that adequate resources are assigned. This includes developing detailed estimates on the level of effort and skillsets required. The project scope should outline high-level requirements to support the list of required resources.

Categorizing Project Resources

Resources take on many responsibilities, which is why it's a good idea to categorize the different responsibilities and define each resource’s level of involvement. The project stakeholders can be defined in the following way (Note: a single stakeholder can have multiple assignments):

    Responsible - performs the work

    Accountable - makes decisions about the task or deliverable

    Consulted - must be consulted prior to the work and gives input

    Informed - must be notified of the outcome

The outcome from these categories defines the different audiences to use when targeting deliverables and communicating progress. The team that is responsible for the work will attend working meetings and workshops where people accountable will receive frequent status updates and be required to attend meetings where decisions are needed.

Mapping Resource Requirements

Once you've created a list of required resources and skillsets, identify possible or proposed individuals who could fill the roles and either currently possess the skills or have the potential to learn them. Then, map the resources to the requirements and identify the gaps. Identify which gaps could be filled by external or third-party resources and provide suggestions if known. If required resources need to be filled by internal people, identify any skills and/or knowledge that they would need to learn to be successful. For example, if a resource is filling the role of Business Analyst but they do not have the skills to understand the metrics that drive the operations of a team, note that there needs to be some training done in this area.

Additional Project Resource Considerations

In addition to the technology solution and resource resources, here are some very essential tools that will ensure your project correlates with your executive business strategy, stays in scope, remains in budget, and completes on time.

  • A task management system that assigns individual tasks to resources, sets priorities and deadlines, and tracks work completed.

  • A status report detailing project milestones and percentage to completion, compiled by the work team and dispersed regularly to the executive sponsors of the project.

  • Separate testing plans for both System Integration and User Acceptance Testing, including scripts that identify what and how testing should be performed and expected results.

  • Irrevo’s KnowledgeAQ is a tool that enables quality reviews to be conducted on new and updated content inventory, ensuring each article complies to your defined quality standard. It is also used in the knowledge authoring process to present custom checklists, workflow, and feedback. The KnowledgeAQ tool helps knowledge engineers apply consistent standards to all content with the authoring workstream. As content progresses through the authoring or re-authoring process, data is captured. This enables management to utilize analytics and reporting to make effective decisions about the entire inventory.