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Irrevo Best Practices

Knowledge trends that drive migrations

The knowledge management (KM) programs in place today must adapt proactively to key trends, or risk finding themselves lagging behind their competition.

Five key trends in the knowledge experience:

  1. Self-Service is moving beyond Support into all areas of the business.

  2. Google is your new homepage, presenting users the information they request.

  3. Mobile devices are the tool of choice to access information.

  4. KM tools are integrating and moving to the Cloud.

  5. Customers are demanding that we become easier to do business with.

Migrate your content to a new knowledge management solution

As knowledge management operations adapt, there is almost always a need for content migration from a legacy technology solution to the new state-of-the-art solution. The reality is that many knowledge management programs are struggling to adapt to the trends facing them with their legacy tools. Often, there is an abundance of content, spread out among several repositories. These repositories lack adequate search functionality, making it nearly impossible to find information. This situation creates confusion, as no one is really certain where to find the single source of truth.

Here are just some of the benefits achieved by tweaking the knowledge management operation:

  • Reduced IT expenses by migrating to a KM cloud solution

  • Improved search experience by consolidating to a single KM repository

  • Provided consistent knowledge experiences for prospects, customers, and internal users

  • Created and maintained collaborative content with Knowledge-Centered Support (KCSSM) (KCS is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation ™)

The content migration element of transforming a KM operation is often a very intense and stressful time; however, others have already done it well. Take advantage of the experiences of those who have gone through this already. With this methodology and practices, you will execute the transformation project flawlessly and also deliver dramatic operational impacts.