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Irrevo Best Practices

Knowledge base pilot testing

At this point in your content migration, it is time to get this information in front of your end users to identify any remaining issues not detected during testing.

Determining a pilot scope

Limit the pilot scope to a subset of the most valuable content already identified, such as a single, high-volume topic. Run this content through the preliminary workflow that may include chunking, authoring, and approval. Publish the content on a pilot portal that highlights all the search and navigation features required and available through the new solution provider.

Choosing your pilot users

Do not hesitate to identify a few customers and invite them to participate in an early release pilot project. Giving customer pilot users some specific instructions is the best way to help steer them to areas where you need specific feedback, but make sure it includes enough detail so they are not frustrated trying to navigate through the screens. A customer pilot should have a clear start and end date, include a design review and training session to help give them the background on the project. This will also ensure they provide you with structured feedback and not take up valuable time with a lot of questions.

Getting feedback from the pilot users

Provide pilot participants with a feedback forum to capture results, calibrate with the existing process, and fine-tune the process.