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Irrevo Best Practices

Identifying the most valuable content to migrate

Identifying the most valuable content within your knowledge base allows you to focus migration resources and effort on the most high-value content. When looking at which content to migrate, consider that all successful content migration projects have the following characteristics in common:

  • Only the top 15-20% of the most valuable content is migrated

  • There is a designated project manager who keeps a detailed project plan and facilitates weekly meetings

  • The most optimal content migration option that meets expectations is used

  • There are test migrations performed early to establish timing estimates (both manual and scripted) and to identify challenges

  • The migration uses a phased approach to avoid overwhelming the organization with too much change at one time

Helpful strategies for identifying valuable content

Here are a few strategies for determining which content should be migrated. 

External Views

Investigate the number of views by an external audience within the last X months. This information will help you see what content your audience can't do without. Sort your reporting using a few different time periods to make sure that the results include the most relevant articles. 

Internal Views

Look at the number of views by your internal users within the last X months. Again, you'll be able to identify the most necessary articles for your agents. If your support content is available both internally and externally, you should see similarities between the two lists.  

Positive Feedback

If your knowledge base software allows users to identify whether or not a solution helped resolve their issue, identify the most frequently helpful articles over a certain time period. Sort your reporting using a few different time periods to make sure that the top results are recent enough to be relevant.

Recent Updates

Concentrate on the last time the article was updated when stack ranking articles. The most recently updated articles are theoretically those which were used most frequently and were valuable enough to spend efforts to updates.